The owners of Mayoral, the Urquijo family and Global Income buy 19% of Duro Felguera

The owners of Mayoral, the Urquijo family and Global Income buy 19% of Duro Felguera

Duro Felguera has managed to form a new ‘hard core’ of shareholders after its capital increase. The most important investor known so far is the Fernández de Gor family, owner of the children’s textile group Mayoral , which has declared control over 9.5% of the capital.

In addition, the scuba of the family Urquijo, La Muza Inversiones , has been done with 5.17% of the titles. La Muza, which transfers the management of part of its portfolios to the investment fund manager Ábaco Capital , has purchased a total of 248.14 million shares of the total share capital, made up of 4,800 million shares after the closing of the year. the extension.

And on Wednesday, the Global Income family wealth management sicav, through the Portuguese Juan José Rodríguez-Navarro , has declared 4.167% of the capital, also within the framework of the capital increase of the Asturian firm.

Global Income has been made with a total of 200 million shares 

Global Income has been made with a total of 200 million shares 

which, at the price reached by the shares of Duro Felguera at the close of market on Thursday, is equivalent to 5.6 million euros.

Among these three investors, they control almost 19% of the capital , a sign of confidence on the part of the market that at least guarantees the survival of the company in the coming months. In addition, as ElConfidencial has published, managers such as Cobas AM, led by Francisco García Paramés; and azValor (Álvaro Guzman) have also participated in the expansion, although apparently with percentages lower than 3% that do not need to be declared to the CNMV.

The company registered a demand worth 130.4 million euros in the operation , compared to the 125.7 million euros it intended to attract, after closing the discretionary allocation period (third round).

After this operation, the new corporate capital of the corporation amounts to 48 million euros, represented by 4.800 million shares of 0.01 euros of nominal value each, all belonging to a single class and series.

On the other hand, the company scored a rise of 1.42% in the trading of this Thursday, on the second trading day of the new 4,656 million shares issued as part of the capital increase operation that the firm finalized Recently.

These securities were quoted in the day after receiving the approval of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) on Tuesday and closed the negotiation with a price of 0.028 euros per title , slightly above the previous day.

Duro Felguera has accumulated a drop close to 33% since the beginning of the year, although the decline is above 87% since the CNMV asked investors to act with “special caution” in their decisions regarding this company, the past July 25.

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